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Ore Mountain (Erzgebirge)

Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain) Trademark
The registered trademark is a guarantee that all our items are "Original Erzgebirge Handcraft made exclusively by a workshop in the German Erzgebirge" (ore mountains). All of our manufacturers are members of the "Association of Craftspeople and toymakers of the Erzgebirge" (Verband Erzgebirgischer Kunsthandwerker und Spielzeughersteller e.V.)
Our Guarantee

In view of the fact that our customers do not have the opportunity to physically inspect the products that we offer for sale from the Ore Mountain Region (Erzgebirge) of Germany, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our wood products.
Returns will be accepted only during the first 30 Days upon receipt of your shipment.
Please contact us to obtain an RMA number which must be clearly displayed on the carton for us to accept your shipment. Do not return merchandise to us without prior notification and approval.
If you decide to return your shipment, please note, all merchandise must be returned in its original packaging.
Merchandise cannot have been used (such as smokers) or Pyramids and must be in the condition as shipped by us.
We will not accept the return of merchandise that has been damaged and/or used by you.
We regret, but all shipping charges and the credit card processing charges (3.5%) of the transaction amount, are not refundable, as both items are an expense we incurred in processing, handling, and shipping your order.
All return shipments must be PREPAID by you and fully insured to cover any possible damage in transit.
A copy of our original 'packing slip' to help us identify your return, must be included with your shipment.
Please call us in case of any questions. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.
You may call us Toll free at (800) 210-6527 if you require additional information.
Please ask for:
George D Hollmers
Dagmar Hollmers
About Pyramids

About Pyramids

Christmas pyramids are definitely the most fantastic wooden items from the German Erzgebirge. Anyone who as ever owned a Christmas pyramid will not want to miss it anymore. The warm light and the pleasing movements create a unique festive atmosphere in every living room. When the tiers and the impeller slowly turn they perform an enchanting play of light and shadow.
Christmas pyramids are very traditional handcrafts and are deeply rooted with German Christmas customs. Their history goes all the way back to the 16th century. Some people even say that Christmas pyramids have been the forerunner of Christmas trees in Europe.
In the Erzgebirge the miners started to craft the first wooden pyramids in the 18th century. At the beginning the skilled miners just tied several wooden sticks together at the top and placed candles below them. The pyramid was called "light rack". There were no movements on those first Christmas pyramids, but they were added short time later. The miners always tried to advance their pyramids and looked for more perfection. They put a wooden rod in the middle of the wooden sticks and fastened a dish to the rod. The dish was able to turn and when they later added an impeller the rising candle heat turned the impeller. The first turning Christmas pyramid was born. On the dish the miners placed beautiful wooden hand carved figurines.
Today Erzgebirge Christmas pyramids are available in hundreds of different styles. Most of them display religious scenes. Others show scenes of everyday life or nature. The size of pyramids varies from 10 inches to 60 inches. The number of tiers goes from 1 to 6. The price is strongly (but not only) influenced by the size because most of the parts are handmade. Particularly the carved figurines drastically increase in price with larger sizes. Christmas Pyramids are also available with electrical motors that turn the tiers. Most of the electric motors run on 220/230 Volt which is the European standard but some manufacturers also offer 110 Volt Christmas pyramids. But 220 Volt or 230 Volt motor can also be used in the USA. All you need is a converter that converts 110 Volt to 220/230 Volt. They are relatively easy to get and your local electric store surely can help you.
The most famous workshops are Mueller Kleinkunst, KWO Olbernhau and Richard Glaesser. When you buy a pyramid made by one of those workshops you can be sure that you will receive an item of highest German quality which was handmade in the Erzgebirge. Every workshop has it's specific design elements. Mueller Kleinkunst has specialized in Christmas pyramids and has won several design awards.
A century long tradition makes the Erzgebirge Christmas pyramid an extraordinary jewel and a great gift for everyone and every occasion.
About Music Boxes

About Music Boxes

The invention of the Music Box goes back to 18th Century. At first it was a simple toy, which was turned by hand and sounded quite wooden. Around 1930 the Music Box developed into what it is today. Inside is a filigree mechanical play work and the detailed designs display angels, the Holy Story, nativity scenes, scenes from everyday life and fairy tale motifs.
Some workshops have specialized in the production of Music Boxes and created many masterpieces. We have arranged the most beautiful ones for you.
About Incense Burners (Smokers)

About Incense Burners (Smokers)

The first smoker was developed around 1850 in Heidelberg close to Seiffen. At first dough served as material. Mostly figures of the everyday life were used as motif. Nowadays also Santa Claus and other modern motives are manufactured. Available are salesmen, bakers, foresters, miners, chimney sweepers, standing smokers, edge stools smokers, large smokers, small smokers and so on. Woodturning is the main technique that is used to produce a smoker.
An incense cone is put into the lower part of the split body. The smoke comes out of the mouth and provides a drifting aroma throughout the room.
We have arranged an enormous selection from many fabulous workshops for you. For collectors and lovers a smoker made by KWO Olbernhau, Christian Ulbricht, Richard Glaesser Seiffen, Seiffener Kunsthandwerk or Mueller Kleinkunst is a very special masterpiece of traditional German craftsmanship.
Please take some time to look and pick the most beautiful one.
About Nutcrackers

About Nutcrackers

What would Erzgebirge folkart be without its Nutknackers?
The Nutcracker was first developed around 1870 and is nowadays one of the most famous representatives of the Erzgebirge. Often the Nutcracker is the image of authorities from the past. Especially kings, soldiers and gendarmes are often used as a model. At that time the population was dependent on the benevolence of the authorities and tried to express some protest by giving the Nutcrackers a grim look. His energetic face makes him look very powerful.
The Nutcracker is usually standing on a base and is manufactured in over 100 work procedures generally from fir wood. The used colors are often bright and shining. Nutcrackers can be found on Christmas Markets and in stores around the world. Since most Erzgebirge workshops produce Nutcrackers there are hundreds of different models optainable. Besides the classic designs there are a lot of modern designs available. Many of those we have listed in our store. Our manufaturers Christian Ulbricht, Richard Glaesser Seiffen, KWO Olbernhau and Seiffener Kunsthandwerk belong to the most respected workshops in the German-Nutcracker-World.
Please take some time and find the most beautiful nutcracker for yourself.
A great German Gift of lasting value - traditionally handcrafted with skill and heart.
About Schwibbogen

About Schwibbogen

The first predecessor of Candle Arches (Schwibbogen) was manufactured 1726 from wrought iron. The German name Schwibbogen refers to a type of arch constructed in gothic times when an arch between two walls was called "Schwebebogen" (floating arch).

The look goes back to a tradition of miners, who hung their burning pit lamps semicircularly on the pit entry hole before they started their last shift before Christmas. The Candle Arch expresses the longing of light by the miners who did not see very much daylight during their workdays.

Everyday scenes from the life of the miners were the main motif at first. Nowadays the Holy Story and other religious topics often serve as motives. In addition the forest with its animals and the homeland can be seen.

The Arches are illuminated electrically or with regular candles. Some Arches even have buildings that are illuminated.

In the Ore Mountains one can see the Candle Arches during the Christmas time in many windows and in over-size versions on public places. The Arch has found many lovers from all over the world during the last century. Nowadays one can find an Erzgebirge Candle Arch in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sidney, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Seoul, Rio, London and in many other places.

All manufacturers Mueller Kleinkunst Seiffen, KWO Olbernhau, Richard Glaesser Seiffen, Christian Ulbricht and Saico Seiffen offer masterpieces with many different designs and belong to the most famous workshops of the German Erzgebirge.

The Candle Arch - an Original German Gift with a fine tradition

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